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  • When to use a Mobile Tower by Alan Collins (Published: 23rd February 2014)
    If you need to work high up, whether that's for hanging advertising, carrying out building work, or electrical work like fitting lights, you need to be able to get up there and work safely. The traditional way of working high up is using a ladder. If you're working f... More »
  • Three places you would use a scissor lift by Paul Silver (Published: 6th December 2013)
    Scissor lifts are machines which lift a platform you stand on up in to the air safely. Underneath the platform are a set of arms that cross over each other, like scissors, which give it a distinctive look and the name - 'scissor' lift. They have wheels and are usually m... More »
  • How a vacancy is handled by a recruitment agency by Paul Silver (Published: 3rd January 2013)
    Many companies use recruitment agencies to source staff rather than having their own human resources department. In this article we look at how a recruitment agency goes about filling a vacancy for a client. First, the client will discuss their requirements for the v... More »

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